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Laser cutter carves music files onto wooden records - Gizmag

Like before, the first step was to rip the audio data from a WAV file using Python and then apply it to a customized Processing script. This time though, instead of converting the data to an STL file, it produced a PDF of a vector graphic. According to Ghassaei, the script can be tweaked to account for various materials, cutting machines, record sizes, and turntable speeds.


How to install a 30 round mag in the SKS - Turn your Everybody is so quick to discount the SKS out of the category that the AK-47 and AR15 ar...

Knowledge24 Knowledge24 says:
Do you really give a damn that Tiger Woods cheated?
I don't. I mean lots of people, 50% of the world (not just men and celebrities) cheat, and at the end of the day everybody makes mistakes. Why is the media taking such pleasure in going on and on and on about Tiger's private life? And why is...
Leafsfan29-Embrace the drought! says:
More Tiger Woods apologism... I work as a volunteer marshal at a PGA Tour event and am cordial with a couple active caddies so I know a fair bid of "inside the ropes" goings-on. Some facts for...

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How robo-callers outwitted the government and completely wrecked the Do Not Call list

Or super polite and friendly — 'You sound like you're having a bad day today; I'll ask you real simple, what's your Social Security number on file?' ” Finally, there's the problem of the telecom giants that do nothing. As the FTC pushed its boulder

From Our Files: Moments from Hawai'i's Past–January Edition

HONOLULU Magazine celebrates its centennial with a look back at major communications milestones in Hawai'i. In 1888, Honolulu, home to about 20,000, had two daily papers, a weekly and three monthlies written in English, as well as three weeklies and

USC researchers are recruiting only African-Americans for a study on how to make soul food healthier

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation names South Carolina the 12th worst state for its obesity rate. Worse, the state ranks sixth for diabetes and eighth for hypertension. African-American adults fared worse than any group in the state, with nearly 42

Rentech files bankruptcy, sells Atikokan, NEWP pellet plants

Less than 90 days after Rentech announced it would voluntarily withdraw the company's common shares from listing on the Nasdaq Capital Market, the company has filed for bankruptcy, and sold off the bulk of its assets, including one of its Ontario wood

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