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Laser cutter carves music files onto wooden records - Gizmag

Like before, the first step was to rip the audio data from a WAV file using Python and then apply it to a customized Processing script. This time though, instead of converting the data to an STL file, it produced a PDF of a vector graphic. According to Ghassaei, the script can be tweaked to account for various materials, cutting machines, record sizes, and turntable speeds.


How to install a 30 round mag in the SKS - Turn your Everybody is so quick to discount the SKS out of the category that the AK-47 and AR15 ar...

Knowledge24 Knowledge24 says:
Do you really give a damn that Tiger Woods cheated?
I don't. I mean lots of people, 50% of the world (not just men and celebrities) cheat, and at the end of the day everybody makes mistakes. Why is the media taking such pleasure in going on and on and on about Tiger's private life? And why is...
Leafsfan29-Embrace the drought! says:
More Tiger Woods apologism... I work as a volunteer marshal at a PGA Tour event and am cordial with a couple active caddies so I know a fair bid of "inside the ropes" goings-on. Some facts for...

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John Legend Reveals The ADORABLE Meaning Behind His Newborn Son's Name!

Another baby Legend officially joined the family just days ago and the new proud dad, John Legend, couldn't help but gush over his baby boy. While attending the 2018 Billboard Music Awards, John opened up about the meaning behind his son's name, 

What Hurts a Political Opponent in the Age of Trump?

The room's walls were lined with old framed prints of newspaper and magazine stories detailing successful hits the group had landed on Republicans. American Bridge, feels more like a tour of a mid-stage tech start-up — complete with blond wood

Republican lawmaker: Rocks tumbling into ocean causing sea level rise

Bill Posey (R-FL) said scientists said in the 1970s that the Earth was cooling, a popular talking point of climate skeptics and the subject of a fake Time magazine cover that has become a meme. Duffy corrected him and said that was essentially an

Lawyer for 2 Schneiderman Accusers Brought Their Claims to Michael Cohen

A lawyer who says he once represented two women who claimed that the former New York attorney general, Eric T. Schneiderman, had “sexually victimized” them several years ago, asserted on Friday that he discussed their claims in 2013 with an unlikely