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Exclusive Gifts and Favors-Wedding Wishes Envelope Guest Book ...

Capture all your precious moments and well wishes with our Wedding Wishes Envelope Guest Book . A fun and creative alternative to a wedding day must have, this unique guest book allows all your loved ones to leave an intimate message just for you. Fashioned in linen and accented with grosgrain ribbon, our signature keepsake is equipped with 132 envelopes and matching note cards for guests to...

Wedding Guest Book Alternative - A Lasting Memory Capture all your wedding memories and well wishes with a unique Wedding Wishes Envelope Guest Book. The prefect alternative to ...

jmd7713 jmd7713 says:
Wedding planning?
I have 11 months until the wedding, and we basically have everything booked that needs to be booked (reception hall, photographer etc). It seems a little too early to start on some other things, but I feel like I should be doing something! Any...
Avis B says:
Your next biggest task is compiling and organizing the guest list, and I suggest making two lists. The A list . . and a B list (when A list members RSVP "cannot attend"). You will make this job a...

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Michael's essay — When a wedding invitation becomes a diplomatic nightmare

Every morning, waiting and pacing for the mail. I'm grateful I still have a postal human instead of those awful community mail boxes, but I wish he would get here with the envelope. That would be the envelope containing my invitation to the Royal

Elizabeth Berg Remembers the Year She Ruined Christmas

Oh, she lightened her load a little bit: she prepared certain dishes the day ahead, and guests brought some side dishes that she always used to make. But she still did the bulk of the labor, including laying a tablecloth beneath the elegantly-set

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4 Cool Ways to Wrangle All Those Wedding Photos Your Guests Took

This requires an extra step from your guests, but it's totally worth it since you'll have private access to all the photos (with the option to share the folder too), which may be appreciated if they aren't social-media inclined. You can also use Burner

Brides, Pay Attention: These Wedding Favors Cost Under $3

If you and your partner have set a firm budget for the ceremony and reception and found that between the caterer and the rentals you've gone way over it, you're not alone. It's incredibly difficult to adhere to those financial guardrails when you're at