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Unfinished Bookcases: So Why Do Women Become Strippers?

Can it be exactly the same reasons that ladies become instructors and nurses? Not quite, try not to think that all strippers are dishonest women. Strippers originate from a variety of skills. A number of them are spouses and moms, university students, ballroom dancers, music artists, and performers amongst other things.

Since strippers are usually described as loose women with...

Unfinished Hand-Peeled Rustic Bookcase

"To view this Product Click Here The rustic beauty of hand-peeled, lodge pole pine is given an every-day use w...

serena serena says:
how to paint unfinished bookcase?
i bought an unfinished maple bookcase and it arrived a week ago. i want to paint it white, but i've never painted any kind of furniture. so what kind of paint should i use? anything i should know before painting?
Arrrr says:
Chicagirl said everything again. Put plastic or something on the floor to protect it. Also don't wear nice shoes or pants.

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