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Spectrum 65770 Bath Man Toilet Paper Holder and Magazine Rack ...

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Wall Mount Magazine Rack w/Double Toilet Paper Holder

See this great product here This Wall Mount Magazine Rack w/Double Toilet Paper Holder (Authentic Antlers) is bro...

:) :) says:
where and how do you store extra toilet paper rolls in your bathroom?
marshmallowinferno says:
I had bought (through Regal magazine) a toilet paper holder that goes on the side of your toilet tank, it holds six rolls. Its great. Nothing worse when sitting on the toilet and going...uh...

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Get Organised With These 15 Storage Ideas

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Wish List: HE liquid laundry detergent, scoopable and non-scoopable kitty litter, Pedigree Puppy food (yellow bag), dog and cat beds, paper towels and toilet paper, copier paper and postage stamps, Revolution (flea and tick medication), PetSmart and

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