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Spectrum 65770 Bath Man Toilet Paper Holder and Magazine Rack ...

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Wall Mount Magazine Rack w/Double Toilet Paper Holder

See this great product here This Wall Mount Magazine Rack w/Double Toilet Paper Holder (Authentic Antlers) is bro...

:) :) says:
where and how do you store extra toilet paper rolls in your bathroom?
marshmallowinferno says:
I had bought (through Regal magazine) a toilet paper holder that goes on the side of your toilet tank, it holds six rolls. Its great. Nothing worse when sitting on the toilet and going...uh...

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The art of recycling

Other materials used by participating artists include rugs woven from fabric and previously used yarn, stainless steel sourced from old appliances, upcycled glass candle holders, rebar, toilet paper rolls, found objects, repurposed magazine pages

Get Organised With These 15 Storage Ideas

The Toilet Paper & Magazine Holder mounts to the wall to hold two rolls, newspapers and magazines. ~$14. Keep night-time essentials next to the bed. If you like having toilet essentials within arm’s reach in the bathroom, consider the same thing for the ...

Get creative with toilet paper storage

Multi-Roll Holders Another space-saving idea is to purchase a toilet paper-holder that holds more than one roll at a time. What about a long rod with a magazine rack above it to hold your favorite reading material? Or go the economical route by ...

What's That in Your Loo? The Bathroom Feature People Can't Stop Arguing About

From there, you can position a shelf for books or just a dowel rod or two to drape your magazines. Go high-tech. bathroom reading For people who can't live without their tablets no matter what they're doing. If you prefer to read on a

Hints From Heloise: A handy sanitizer

bathroom supplies, such as toilet paper, shampoo and hand soap. Add fluffy towels and washcloths, and the first night in the new house will be restful. When we got up on the last day in the old house, we would throw in the medications, toothpaste

The Excessive Vision of Donatella Versace

Leather chairs are embossed with big Medusas, and espresso cups are painted with mini Medusas. Employees wear Medusa belt buckles. Medusas are carved on doors and etched in glass. The inventory of Medusas in just one of the bathrooms amounts to 14: on

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