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Thompson M1A1 Metal AEG with extra Drum Magazine airsoft gun ...

Thompson M1A1 Metal AEG with extra Drum Magazine airsoft gun Description

This is an authentic replica of the Thompson Sub Machine Gun: The gun that helped to change the world. The original was used triumphantly by the US Army Cavalry in World War II. The Auto Ordnance Corporation produced more than 1,750,000 Thompson Sub Machine guns which were used to help repel Nazi Germany from...

Loading 100 round Thompson Drum pt1

Here is a small video clip at the end of a range shoot video that shows loading a rare 100 round Colt Drum magazine , Also know as a "C" drum , original desi...

ssthe90 ssthe90 says:
does a drum magazine work on a m1a1 thompson?
ok so i bought an cybergun m1a1 thompson i has a straight clip im wondering if a drum magazine will fit here is a pic of the gun.
Chesty Puller Lives says:
does a drum magazine work on a m1a1 Thompson? YES!! ON your toy gun, who knows - who cares! WRONG Category

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Street beats: Questlove teams with Ludwig for busker-friendly drum kit

Drummer, chef, and Roots rocker Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson has announced a new drum kit, produced in partnership with Ludwig, called Breakbeats. The kit is easily broken down and moved, designed for the drummer who might not have a lot of space to ...

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The gun sharing dock Feel free to take one, but be sure and bring it back

to be what the artist is saying with this interesting art installation in Chicago – the city where Al Capone and his mob boys used to hold court now and then with a Thompson .45 caliber sub-machine gun, the kind with the exciting 100 round drum

Gun Review: Thompson 1927A1 (VIDEO)

Movie villains (and some real ones) love the terror that the Thompson causes. Yes the early guns were effective, devastating weapons. But the visual aesthetic of the gun, especially when it is equipped with the high capacity drum magazine, served as a ...

In the end, was journalist Tom Wolfe 'cool' or not? Well, he sure was proud to be a heretic

He was rebelling against the ordinary, hum-drum, received orthodoxies of the mainstream culture surrounding him. He was also doing research for that – at this moment in time – appears to have been his final book (even if New York magazine continues to

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