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So I confirmed that Beretta 92 9mm ProMag 30 round magazines do in fact work perfectly with the PT-111 Millennium Pro 9mm.

ProMag Magazine Beretta 92, CX4 9mm Luger 30-Round Steel Blue - MidwayUSA

Only one thing is needed for them to work. A dremmel tool.

Measure the distance of the factory magazine to the catch slot using a solid flat surface pressed up...
Taurus PT111 G2 Mag and Holster Options

Made this video to show other mag and holster options for the new Taurus PT111 G2. Link to the Fobus holster:

Lucky01 Lucky01 says:
What do you know about an extended 9+1 magazine for a 9mm Taurus PT709SS?
The weapon comes with two 7+1 magazines. The owner's manual mentions an extended 9+1 magazine being available. I even read a couple of reviews of the weapon which mentioned the 9+1 magazine. However, the 9+1 is not in the 2009 Taurus catalog...
Ulvblod ov Fenrir says:
I'm not sure about that model of Taurus, but if you're going for an affordable 9mm in the Taurus line I'd suggest the pt111 Millenium Pro. The magazine is 12+1 and it's a sub-compact model. You can...

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