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'target books' shelf by mebrure oral

the 'target books' shelf by turkish designer mebrure oral is designed to keep books organized
by separating them into sections of 'already read' and 'yet to read'. each segment is demarcated
by its own bookend, a line of text that is built into the shelf that states either 'has been read' or 'will be...
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Target 5 Shelf Bookcase Review

I put together this bookcase in about 3 hours with no help and a lot of goofing off. It can take considerably less time if you had help or you didn't screw a...

Meghan Meghan says:
Where can I find a bookshelf like this?
I love this bookshelf, but I don't want to pay $450 dollars for it. Where can I get a similar one?
marii says:
Ive seen some similar ones like this one at Target and American Home. Dont know if theres one were you live but Target for sure that ive seen.

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