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There always has been that slight tension between Superman and Batman. Batman being no ones fool, keeps just enough kryptonite in his utility belt to stave off a Superman attack. Now you can capture that tension with these Superman/Batman Bookends . These will be a prefect stabilizer at opposite ends of your comic book collection!

Based on the art of Steve Rude! The...

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Superman & Batman Deluxe Bookends by DC Direct

Lotsa great details!! Hail the McGuinness!!

jasondorsey2001 jasondorsey2001 says:
When will they stop showing Batman & Superman in there main tittles?
Allaiyah W says:
Are you talking about the 3 month hiatus? I don't read Superman or Wonder Woman, but I hear they'll be temporarily replaced or missing in action for the same amount of time as Bruce Wayne will be...


BookEnds - Alpha and Omega
BookEnds - Alpha and Omega
Published by Trafford on Demand Pub 2009
ISBN 1426901593,9781426901591
176 pages
Whimsical tale of grandparents, grandchildren, and their animal companions working together to solve problems of education, bullying, domestic abuse, ageism, the generation gap, money and power.
Riddle Me This, Batman!
Riddle Me This, Batman!
Published by McFarland Publishing 2013
ISBN 0786446293,9780786446292
222 pages
"These essays examine how Batman is both the canvas on which our cultural identity is painted, and the Eternal Other that informs our own journeys of understanding. Questions relating to a wide range of disciplines--philosophy, literature, psychology, pop culture, and more--are thoroughly explored, in a manner that will appeal both to scholars and to fans"--
Comic Book Character
Comic Book Character
Published by Intervarsity Press 2013
ISBN 0830832602,9780830832606
160 pages
A Likewise book. Power and responsibility. Truth and justice. Never-ending vigilance against the doers of evil. These themes permeate comic book superhero stories in print, on movie and television screens, and throughout popular culture. With classic characters being reconceptualized for emerging generations, superheroes have returned to the public eye and are enjoying new heights of popularity. What draws countless fans to these heroic figures? What do superheroes symbolize and mean for our...
Batman Unauthorized
Batman Unauthorized
ISBN 1935251317,9781935251316
219 pages
A collection of essays that explore how Batman has been portrayed in film, television, and comic books, describing the many different personas of the Caped Crusader, his gadgets, psychological motivations, fantasy and sci-fi past, and influence on other American superheroes.
DC Comics
DC Comics

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