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The Little Pink Book of Addresses (Address Book) (Little Pink Books ...

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Dave 79 Dave 79 says:
What is a map called that has road names, blocked off parcels, and street numbers? How can I get one?
I deliver pizzas and regularly get sent to addresses that don't exist. Such a map would increases how much I make per hour. I know they exist, because another place I used to work used to have one in spiral bound book form.
lee_anne301 says:
They're called plot books...try your county clerk's office. If you have a laptop, there's GPS software you can buy for about $50. It comes with a magnetic antenna for your car, and you can load...

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Amazon HQ2 bid revealed: tax breaks, $120 million talent program, transit vision

Crain's on Tuesday obtained the nine-page executive summary and 242-page spiral-bound book that businessman Dan Gilbert's companies submitted to Amazon in October in making a joint Detroit-Windsor bid for the online retail and tech giant's second North

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It's Maine Shrimp Season, Without the Shrimp

This slim spiral-bound volume includes contributions from various members of the brothers' immediate family, whose shrimping history dates back nearly four decades in this coastal town about two hours northeast of Portland. Mr. Libby loves the small

Document in Detroit's Amazon HQ2 bid reveals details of talent 'Marshall Plan'

Snyder's detailed talent-development plan was included as an addendum to Detroit's nine-page response to Amazon's request for proposals, according to sources involved in crafting the proposal. Those documents were attached to a 242-page sales-pitch

Details emerge in Detroit's pitch for new Amazon HQ

In an effort to convince Inc. to operate a second headquarters in Detroit, the state of Michigan is offering extensive tax breaks for three decades, according to a proposal submitted to the online retail giant in October. That would be in