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The Little Pink Book of Addresses (Address Book) (Little Pink Books ...

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Dave 79 Dave 79 says:
What is a map called that has road names, blocked off parcels, and street numbers? How can I get one?
I deliver pizzas and regularly get sent to addresses that don't exist. Such a map would increases how much I make per hour. I know they exist, because another place I used to work used to have one in spiral bound book form.
lee_anne301 says:
They're called plot books...try your county clerk's office. If you have a laptop, there's GPS software you can buy for about $50. It comes with a magnetic antenna for your car, and you can load...

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The man who saw the future: Yashwant Chittal and his place in modern Indian literature

Who was Yashwant Chittal? What is his place in modern Indian literature? As an English translation of his cult novel, Shikari, releases this month, a look at the life and times of the Kannada writer, who saw the “nightmare” of the city long before his 

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Are the Detroit Suburbs Headed for Trouble?

When Savidant finally opens the spiral-bound book that's been until now sitting restlessly under his hands, the vision for Troy's future town center proves to be more exciting than a Starbucks. If the cafe felt like dipping a toe in the suburban

Red Book recollections: Ginger Rapsus

Others buy the softcover or spiralbound book, for the price and the convenience. The completist will buy both versions every year! When researching my story, I found that a few books with errors exist, giving Red Book collectors a challenge. Since then

CHURCH NEWS November 18, 2017

Those 97 church member biographies have now been compiled into a spiral bound book that is being offered for sale for $20 as a church fundraiser. You may pre-order by signing up on the bulletin board in the education wing through December 3rd. Books