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Wall Street Solid Brass Lacquered on Marble, Bookends Bull and Bear

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Solid Brass Dog Bookends

Lovely set of vintage bookends.

synthia c synthia c says:
what mineral makes all metal objects?
Goldista says:
To be classified as a "true" mineral, a substance must be a solid and have a crystal structure. It must also be an inorganic, naturally-occurring, homogeneous substance with a defined chemical...


Number of Man
Number of Man
Published by Infinity Pub 2006
ISBN 0741429519,9780741429513
444 pages
Power is life. To give life is power. To take life is power. To control the outcomes of both is what many men desire.
Published by AuthorHouse 2011
ISBN 1463427271,9781463427276
Tahoe City's new mayor, Wig Blackhammer, is known around Lake Tahoe as "The Legend" in the year 1901, but his struggle with drug addiction threatens his fight to save the lake from men that would divert its water to San Francisco. Wig's recent marriage to Jiao Jin, the former Chinatown slave, is threatened when his ex-wife arrives to prove he was never divorced making the mountain man a bigamist. A former slave turned carpetbagger, Roson Boothby, befriends the Legend and helps him lead the...
The Raising
The Raising
Published by Corvus 2011
ISBN 0857893920,9780857893925
461 pages
Death. In Godwin Honors Hall, the walls are draped in black. The college is in mourning for Nicole Werner, a blonde and beautiful prom queen who died in a car crash last semester. She was a prized member of the Virgin Sisters, the most powerful sorority on campus. obsession. Nicole's boyfriend Craig was at the wheel that night. He has no memory of the crash, but he is plagued by guilt. For as winter sets in and the nights darken, Nicole's death dominates college life - and then the hauntings...
The Supreme Court Historical Society Quarterly
American Pastoral
American Pastoral
Published by Houghton Mifflin 1997
ISBN 0547415974,9780547415970
423 pages
A former athletic star, devoted family man, and owner of a thriving glove factory, Seymour "Swede" Levov finds his life coming apart during the social disorder of the 1960s, when his beloved daughter turns revolutionary terrorist out to destroy her father's world.

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A very solid draft...A minus, maybe B plus.

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She happened to see a performance by trombonist Peter McEachern, who was playing with the Thomas Chapin Trio Plus Brass, which included Art Barron ... “The two who were bookends of the art tent were Frank Federico, a renowned painter and very successful ...

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administrators that Shaun was perfectly capable of working as a surgeon in the hospital. Although they weren't 100% sold on bringing an autistic doctor into the fold, Glassman's reputation was solid, and his promise that he would resign from the


It's a slow time for college football, but it's still a busy time for those of us who care about college football players - we're just over a week away from the 2018 NFL Draft, and many of our favorite collegiate stars are about to head off to pro

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