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How to Spot and Salvage Treasure at Garage Sales and Flea Markets
Glassware. Teacups and china plates can be bought for pennies and reused in so many ways. Cups can be used as planters or hold candles or simply hung under your kitchen cupboards to add charm and colour. China plates look great grouped on a wall – or use them individually as servers or candle holders. And don’t forget eclectic is on trend. There is nothing wrong with serving tea where...
Antique furniture, Rare oak file cabinet or specimen

Antique furniture, Rare oak file cabinet or specimen cabinet. Look at this Old antique cabinet. It has doors like a roll htp desk that scroll up and down. Th...

Can't touch this Can't touch this says:
Decorating For Small Spaces?????
I wants to redecorate my room, and its very small. My room is 9'x9', which is very small as you can imagine. i dont know how i should decorate it and still have space. my parents said that they would buy me a new bed and mattress. i am 11 years...
sadie_oyes says:
To maximize space a platform w/storage, loft, murphy bed or a convertible sofa/futon

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Faces of Fauquier: Nature inspires interior designer

“It's always our favorite thing to be able to work right here locally,” Mr. Dixon said. “Old Town Woodworking in Warrenton built a lot of our custom pieces that went to Venice and Beijing. Custom bookcases, pieces of furniture, cabinetry, kitchens

Brad Miller

Blue Glass - Small Kitchen Appliances Cookware - Flatware - Bookcases Lots of Books - Mirrors - Deco Items Brass Figures - Knick Knacks - Linens Bedroom Sets - Cedar Lined Trunk ANTIQUE & COLLECTIBLES Road Blade - JD Horse Drawn One Bottom 

Swedish Death Cleaning

Things like art pieces, antiques and decorative items that came from a place we visited for work or pleasure. I still have a strong affection for some items Got rid of old things I don't value any more. One evening I started on my small bookcase of

Artist's Marigny home is a canvas for color, art, life

What does it take to paint a masterpiece? Talent, for one. Experience and technical ability, of course. How about being able to take a blank canvas and turn it into something extraordinary? That pretty much describes what New Orleans artist Gretchen