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New York-based Beauteeze launches its salon-booking service ...

Ever called a spa or beauty salon to book an appointment and been put on hold or sent straight through to voicemail?

New Yorker Abby Ziff has experienced this time and time again. So she started Beauteeze to help fellow Manhattanites book appointments at nearby salons.

It’s a destination site for consumers, but the team also built a widget that any third-party provider can...

Source: VentureBeat
Setting up your Appointment Book in Salon Swift

Salon Swift ( is an easy to use, affordable and VERY powerful software application for the hair, beauty, yoga and professional serv...

mj mj says:
It's Friday and someone asks you to book a salon appointment for them...?
And they say, "dont book it for this week as I'm working afternoons, do it for the week after". Do they mean next week as in the week starting Monday, or the next, next monday? Haha, this is a ghey question, I know!
phantom_of_valkyrie says:
For most jobs, this week would be the next work week. However salons are open on Sat as well. It might have been confusing if he hadn't said "do it for the week after" which was short for week...

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