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Create a Custom Mac OSX Style Ring Binder Address Book Icon ...


Creating a good Mac OSX icon is not only about an idea or a sophisticated design, but also about the rules. When you are going to start with designing an icon for Mac OSX there are many things you need to know. First of all you have to read the Apple Human Interface Guidelines . It gives you a basic knowledge about the philosophy of Mac OSX User Interface design. The...

Overview of Booklet Binding Methods

This video is ideal for someone new to binding or who may be looking to switch binding methods. Each method involves 3 basic steps - so let's dive right in w...

nayah nayah says:
Does anyone know what you call the metal ring part of a binder and if and which stores sell them separately?
I'm trying to make a small address/schedule book from scratch. I just need to buy like a 6 inch metal part of a binder. I don't know if stores sell them separately. Or, if stores even sell them. Yeah. I need the long metal part, not just the rings.
strech says:
This what you're looking for?

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