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50% On Sale Hogue Remington 700 BDL Long Action Overmolded ...
10% -99% Hogue Remington 700 BDL Long Action Overmolded Stock Standard Barrel, Detachable Magazine, Full Bed Block Ghillie Green is a very nice offer for this item. here you may find Hogue Remington 700 BDL Long Action Overmolded Stock Standard Barrel, Detachable Magazine, Full Bed Block Ghillie Green with good quality and durable. We present Hogue Remington 700 BDL Long...
Overview: Detachable Magazine Systems

Stocky takes you thru the pros & cons of the original 700DM's as well as the excellent sporting and mil-spec aftermarket bottom metal options for the Remingt...

Remington 700 SPS, 300 Win. Mag. Detachable magazine?
has anyone converted the gun to detachable magazine? if so what kind of price is the conversion and how did you like it?
ThankaVET says:
Rem 700 comes in a model with detachable mag. If you have a gun and want to add one look at Brownells and Midwayusa.

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Shooting Times Perspective: Industry Trends for 2013

From conspiracy theorists who believe the whole thing—massacres, media coverage and the resulting anti-gun ... cost—from reputable supply houses such as Brownells or Midway USA. Hopefully you’ll never have to give them up. A buddy called me after ...

XLR unveils Envy precision rifle chassis for Remington 700 short action

The integrated, detachable magazine system uses AICS style mags while the magwell's style boasts a larger, tapered opening for faster mag changes. The angled, serrated face can also function as a barricade stop. The Envy also offers a 5.5-inch

Kinetic Research Group BRAVO Chassis

It is designed for Remington 700 short and long action rifles and Tikka T3 short actions. It is made of The cheek piece is detachable and has an infinite adjustability within its 1″ travel. Nowadays The chassis weighs 2.9 lbs without the

New Bargain Rifle: Remington Model 783

It is meant to fill the gap between the Model 770 and the Model 700 SPS bolt-action rifles in ... molded-in sling swivel attachment studs and a Remington SuperCell recoil pad. The magazine is a metal, detachable-box style that holds four standard ...

SHOT 2013: A Strange and Ominous Calm

John Fink, the Remington designer whose baby it is, says unapologetically that he and his colleagues adopted the best ideas from other companies, plus what they came up with themselves. It’s a synthetic-stocked bolt-action with a detachable magazine ...

Exclusive: Get A Load Of Remington's Model 700 Magpul!

Remington designed this rifle to be a shooter, with a detachable magazine that holds five rounds, a tactical bolt and most important of all, an externally-adjustable X-Mark Pro trigger. It's designed to break clean and crisp with zero creep, which is a

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