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An Interview with James White about His Book, “What Every ...

Sometimes there comes a book that changes the way we think and talk about a subject. That book generally pushes us into deeper fundamental understanding of a theme and helps us see from there the things we did not know or somehow missed. Such books stir fresh thought, fresh zeal, and renewed efforts to see and act in the world according to truth. We need a book to do that for us and to us...

The Book of Signs (Science in the Quran)

"Jesus of Nazareth" star Robert Powell narrates "The Book of Signs"; an educational Islamic video produced in 1986 with the approval of the Al-Azhar Committe...

triple g triple g says:
what u think of quran?
u think it's a good book or not offendin just askin ur opinion..
Wisdom says:
well quran is the book sent from Allah his majesty for those who disbelieve in the quran it is an open challenge for mankind to produce one verse like the quran. until this day no body has bee...

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Inmate Commits Sex Act With Cell Mate's Quran, Sparking Outrage in the Muslim Community

In June, a woman from Houston, Texas sent a Quran submerged in a tub of pork lard to the Sacramento chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. Authorities said the package was sent from a shipping center in Houston by a white woman, but

UAE HAI Launches "Braille Quran for Every Visually Impaired in Palestine" Campaign

The first batch containing 300 Quran books in Braille of this campaign is being currently distributed. Director of the HAI's office in the West Bank Ibrahim Al Rashid stated that the bureau has distributed a number of Braille Qurans to universities ...

Artists alter the Good Book in new expressions of faith

In earlier artworks such as “Throne: The Book of Revelation,” Hitchcock undertook a radical statement of the unity of faiths: She cut characters from an English language translation of the Quran and pasted them on a large sheet in a dynamic design

Book giving insight into Quran released

Representational Pic. A book giving insight into the Quran through visual presentations, graphs and charts was released by Rajya Sabha MP and former Union minister Mohsina Kidwai. “Universe A Timeline”, authored

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The Koran in English: A Biography is part of the series Lives of Great Religious Books launched by Princeton University Press. This series aims to provide biographical introductions to sacred texts and influential religious works such as the Bhagavad