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Many of us have done it: purchased a beautiful large-scale print and then wondered what to do with it. Sandy Turner to the rescue! Big-Print Patchwork is more than just a pattern book. Sandy helps you understand how to combine these fabrics with traditional blocks so that you can take her lead and design your own quilt with your own fabrics. While there are complete patterns for...

Quilt As You Go - Finish (almost) Any Quilt Book Info

Finish (almost) Any Quilt - My new book, which takes my successful and popular quilt-as-you-go technique to a whole new level - using it on unfinished projec...

leophonegrrl leophonegrrl says:
What is the best quilt book for a beginners?
I am trying to quilt by hand and would love to know what book has the most information and is the easiest to read.
Chirp says:
The one book I would never give up is 'Quilter's Complete Guide' by Marianne Fons and Liz Porter. It's the first book I go to when I need to brush up on a technique. I consider it to be...

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Quilt quild offers workshops in Appleton

From Denver, CO, Harriet is the author of several series of quilting books, developer of natural fiber battings and creator of very successful lines of reproduction fabric. Sunday's workshop Academy 1 will teach you techniques for cutting with ...

Sewing for freedom

Most have read about the Underground Railroad in history books and learned how slaves used the system to escape to free states and Canada. A lesser known fact, however, is that people would sew quilts with specific patterns which served as codes for

Appalachian quilts share special stories

Quilt Barns started in 2001 in Adams County. Donna Groves painted a pattern of a quilt on wood and hung it on her family's barn as a creative way to honor her mother, an accomplished quilter. Others followed suit and there are over 30 counties in Ohio

Michigan artist's “Strange Fruit” quilt remembers the thousands lost ...

For six years now, the Detroit Unity Temple has held a quilt exhibit in February. Many of the quilts – but not all – are tributes to African-American.

CROPPER: Barn Quilts book now available

The book, "Barn Quilts and the American Quilt Trail Movement" that Quilt Trail enthusiasts have been waiting for has been released. It has been 11 years since the first square was hung in Adams County. Brown County was the next county to start the project.

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