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Introvert or Extrovert: A “Quiet” Book Review by Richard Plaskus ...

T here comes a time in everyone’s life when we have to choose if we are a talker or a thinker. It’s a simple personality choice, and depends on your comfort level in situations inside the classroom or a crowded restaurant. The resulting choice places each of us under one of two categories: either an introvert or extrovert. In basic terms, an introvert likes...

How to create a Quiet Book

In this video I explain how I created and my ideas for creating my quite book. I hope this helps everyone with ideas on how and what to make for your quite b...

♥jersey girl♥ ♥jersey girl♥ says:
i need help picking out a book. i like teen books like -gossip girl -sisterhood of traveling pants -meg cabot books -sarah dessen books -i hate fantasy or mystery can u also add links for summaries of the book? thank you so muchhhhh btw... im 14
Devon says:
These are good books and series that i have read. The summaries are there too. -the twilight series is really good. It is by stephanie meyer and it is a vampire romance. 3 books so far Twilight:...

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DIY quiet-book ideas

Quiet books are a fun — and low tech — way to keep little hands busy and entertained when on the go. Plus, their quiet pages make them great toys to take along to church or when running errands. These book page ideas are easy to craft yourself and ...

McCain book 'fairly rings with a sense of leave-taking'

I don't need any more approval than a quiet conscience.” Toward the end of his book, he writes of “shocking allegations” of Russian interference in the 2016 election, and of his “minor role” in the dossier controversy; to say that McCain is no fan of

8 New Books We Recommend This Week

Other books this week drop us into the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide (“The Girl Who Smiled Beads”), unexpected motherhood (“And Now We Have Everything”) and Eleanor Roosevelt's relationship with the reporter Lorena Hickok (“White Houses”). And

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San Antonio Spurs’ quiet success could be a model for Washington Wizards

Most hoops fans are wondering whether the Heat and superstar­­ ­LeBron James can repeat as NBA champions. But I think it’s a good time to look at the San Antonio Spurs. I hope our Washington Wizards notice how San Antonio has quietly built one of the ...

Quiet professor who finally became a bestseller

The “quiet” American classic has become something of a slow-burn ... who was a novelist and university professor for most of his life (winning the National Book Award for his last novel, Augustus). Stoner’s career is largely uneventful, and his ...