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PiQx Xcanex – 7 ounce portable book and document scanner could ...
The real smarts of the system is in the software, which is intelligent enough to detect margins, page edges, orientation and even your fingers, and adjust and remove all unnecessary parts from the captured images automatically. To use the unit you just place the document or book onto the desk, and the scanner focuses, aligns and shoots an image with the 8 megapixel camera and flash. Nowadays a...
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IRIScan Book 2 Executive - You slide, it scans

More info: IRIScan™ Book 2 Executive is a portable scanner that allows you to scan books and magazines anytime, anywhere and without ripp...

Logan M Logan M says:
Portable scanner... for student?
I wanted to get a portable scanner so I could copy the pages of books that I would need for my research. I have a very research paper oriented major and many books and periodicals I use are not allowed to be checked out and copies get very...
Fraud says:
In 200 dollars - you can get a low end flat bed scanner. Please do not touch the portable scanners - it would be just waste of your money. What you require is something which scans your book book ...

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