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I Love My Classroom: Organization Linky Party
Here's my classroom library. I have it organized in clear plastic shoeboxes with packing tape holding on the different AR levels - AR levels are color coded. I have chapter books in the smaller boxes, and in my big tubs are picture books. I just can't part with my picture books. My class librarians keep everything organized. Speaking of boxes - I have tons of those green & white moving...
How to make a Candy basket

In this episode we show you how to make a Candy basket For more information about this tutorial visit : http://www.artsandcr...

Osfon225 Osfon225 says:
How can I display Gay and Lesbian books in my classroom?
I teach middle school and my school district gave us a $750 grant to buy books for our classroom library. Part of the money has to be spent on books with Gay and Lesbian themes. I have a classroom library. It's a bookshelf with 5 shelves. On...
dreamchaser8860 says:
Put the books into whatever category they fit into, like horror, romance, sci-fi, whatever. But on the corner of the title page or even on the inside of the cover, how about putting something like...

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Giving the planet an assist

One way people can be environmentally friendly is to recycle — and that is something the JB Green Team knows a lot about. Recycling helps reduce waste in landfills and saves energy for manufacturers. Items such as books, newspapers, cans, cardboard

Editorial: Other states clean up, why can't we?

Used cups, dirty napkins, and greasy food containers litter the stands and concession area. South Carolina schools are committing to this goal through educational efforts, teaching students about the impact of litter on our environment, economy and

All mixed up: Sorting through the new recycling regulations around Lane County

Big and small plastic containers for yogurt, cottage cheese, margarine and butter — what city officials call plastic tubs — are no longer recyclable in Eugene. The only plastic still accepted in area recycling bins are clear or white milk jugs

8 Earth Day Activities For Preschoolers They'll Totally Love

This is something I used to do with my preschoolers in the classroom. It's quick and easy way for kids to understand how recycling works and how to take ownership of that process in their own home. To start, separate a bunch of your trash (be sure to