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Pioneer CDX-P1280 12 Disc Multi Cd Player (Car Audio) | multiple ...

Playing multiple CDs in one device (so that you don’t have to constantly get up and change CDs) is the primary function of the Pioneer CDX-FM687 six-disc CD changer. Upon receiving your changer, you might not be familiar with how to operate the device. Following a few steps will allow you to perform basic operations on your changer. Learn to power your remote control and changer, load discs...

Pioneer PD-M40 6 Disc Magazine Style CD Changer

A bit of a break from the norm, a 1987 Pioneer PD-M40 6 disc magazine style cd changer jumped into my hands this afternoon at the thrift store. This thing is...

cleeps cleeps says:
Acceptable tv/home theatre system on a limited budget?
I have a very limited budget ($2000 CDN, but would like to spend as little as possible) and would like to buy a television and sound system. I realize that I can't expect much in terms of sound and picture quality, but what would you recommend?...
bbt91945 says:
I would recommend looking at an Onkyo or Pioneer receiver and adding a Panasonic Blu ray disc player. You already have the speakers. Those home theater in a box are not very flexible for adding or...

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New Pioneer Blu-ray 3D Player Brings More Entertainment into the Home

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--CEA Line Show – Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. today released its new Pioneer® BDP-150 Blu-ray Disc™ player, bringing advanced technologies and a range of features consumers and enthusiasts will appreciate, including Blu-ray ...

Pioneer Elite Blu-ray 3D Player Designed for Endless Content Options

forgive me if this is "old news" INDIANAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--CEDIA Show Booth #719 - Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. continues to enhance the home theater experience with the release of its new Elite® BDP-62FD Blu-ray Disc™ player. The BDP-62FD offers ...

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The Computer Scientist Who Prefers Paper

Simons, who is now 76, had been a pioneer in computer science at IBM Research at a time when few women not in the secretarial pool walked its halls. In her retirement, however, she was coming off as a crank. Fellow computer scientists might have heard 

Pioneer Pumps Up the Jam | Automobile Magazine

I'm sitting behind the wheel of a Subaru Impreza listening to Bruno Mars' “That's What I Like” on the latest Pioneer audio system.

The Weird, Wooden Future of Skyscrapers

Robinson is a pioneer in designing tall buildings that use wood, not concrete or steel, to bear their weight. Albina Yard is only four stories, but it's the prelude to a more ambitious project: Framework [2], a 12-story mixed-use tower that will soon

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