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Was just tweeting about this a few days ago. I get three different directories delivered at least 2x a year and I can’t for the life of me remember the last time I opened one. Then, a neighbor just mentioned that there are some useful coupons with distant expiration dates inside…. I’ll have to google and see if she’s right.

This isn’t meant to be harsh cause I love BB, but…


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Mythbusters - Phone Book Friction

2 phonebooks together. It tooks 8000 pounds to separate them. #200 Comment: TheSupaTube.

Joachim L Joachim L says:
Phone book transfer?????????
I am having a china mobile without software and want to transfer all my contacts of my phone book to my computer and then transfer it again to the mobile. Im not having bluetooth on my pc but have a USB data cable. Please suggestsome tips on how...
rpcob says:
What kind of phone do you have? My expertise are with motorola. If your phone is in fact motorola read below, if not try searching or even post a more...

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