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Autograph Graduation Book Binder Red 2 from

Create eye-catching Avery Custom Signature Binders for home or office. Design unique wedding albums, recipe books and photo albums. Showcase your business with custom client binders, proposals and reports. 3-Ring binders include full-bleed, photo-quality printing on the front, back and spine, and 4 pockets. The Avery Signature 1.5” Binder comes in two different ring types.

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Graduation Autograph Book

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Jordan4141 Jordan4141 says:
High school graduation gifts!!!? i have tons of friends this year that are graduating and i have NO idea what to get them! It needs to be something inexpensive but cute..i was kind of thinking about little goodie bags,but if i did that i still have no clue what to put in...
Barb M says:
If they are going away (to college, etc.) , how about a cute address book with all of their friends' addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses? You could personalize each one with their...

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