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How I Package My Books for Shipping (for PaperBack Swap

For Paperback Swap. How I wrap my books using manila folders ( Folders are only $4 per 100 at Target and Walmart.

BeautifulxxLie BeautifulxxLie says:
Quality Paperback Book Club?
I got this offer from the Quality Paperback Book Club in the mail. it says that I can get any six books for $6 and just pay shipping and handling and agree to buy two more books within the next year. What's the catch? Is it a scam? This is their...
mico says:
I've been a member for 2 years now, and they've offered me good deals. The catch is you have to buy 2 books at club price in 2 years to fulfill your membership which was what you agreed to do when...

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SRC Literacy Project promotes Family Reading Night

The Farmington Area Public Library will celebrate Family Reading Night Thursday, Nov. 16, from 6-7:30 p.m. with several stations that families can do together. There will a parents' favorite reading corner, book page ornament making, build your own

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Jesmyn Ward, Masha Gessen, Robin Benway, and Frank Bidart Win National Book Awards

Its Literarian Award for Outstanding Service went to Scholastic CEO Richard Robinson for his work with literacy rates and school book clubs. Meanwhile, the Medal for Distinguished In 1980, the ceremony ballooned to an extremely comprehensive 28

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Visit our Audio Book Club archive page for a complete list of the more than 75 books we've discussed over the years. Or you can listen to any of our previous club meetings through our iTunes feed. ---. See all the pieces in this month's Slate Book Review.

What's your favorite movie that's better than the book it's based on?

Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club is responsible for inspiring a lot of gross ideas about masculinity, but at least David Fincher's 1999 adaptation adds some more nuance to the story of the guy who is so fed up with his buttoned-down life that he develops