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How do you deal with refrigerator door clutter? | Unclutterer

How do you deal with refrigerator door clutter?

by David Caolo on " title="Permalink for this post">Jun 4, 2013

When Scottish physician, chemist and agriculturalist Willilam Cullen first demonstrated artificial refrigeration at the University of Glasgow in 1748, one has to wonder if his young son had already pasted his drawings to the door of the new device.


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Over the Door ART Organizer

HAPPY PLACE!!! I love this idea that I got from the Mixed Media group that I'm in. PERFECT for dorm room living. :) Check out the blog at http://thinkcreates...

David K David K says:
Writing for a magazine, which ones though?
Ive heard that the more work you can get under your name, no matter how small, can always help you out in the long run when wanting to get noticed with a manuscript. One thing I have heard that can help out with this is writing competitions and...
old lady says:
Your best starting point is the magazine rack at your local bookstore. Take a look at the magazines on the shelf - most have very specific and quite limited points of view and a very narrow range...

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