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OneTouch Logbook Product Description

OneTouch Logbook by Lifescan The OneTouch Logbook for use with your blood glucose meter will help you track and retain blood glucose results. Writing test results in a logbook and comparing them over time can show you and your health care professional if your diabetes management program is working for you, or if you need to make...

Drivers Daily Logbook for iPhone (Drivers Daily Log)

A quick overview of the Drivers Daily Logbook application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. A one time cost of $3.99 saves you money compared to paper logbooks,...

Archie and Madison's auntie Archie and Madison's auntie says:
How to transfer Kindle book to Ipod Touch?
Hey guys! I just downloaded the kindle app on my Ipod and I need some help. There is a kindle book that I want to buy on Amazon but I don't know how to transfer it to my Ipod. My Ipod is the Ipod touch 4th generation. I really need you to dumb...
ρεṉṉÿ says:
You can buy it directly from the iPod touch....just log into your account and buy the book. Oh, and you can have the same books on more than 1 device. :D so if you were to get a Kindle, you could...

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