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Nursery Rhyme Origins Quiz: Meanings & History behind the Rhymes

Introduction : Mary Harrell-Sesniak is a genealogist , author and editor with a strong technology background. In this guest blog post, Mary provides another fun quiz to test your knowledge of the origins of some familiar nursery rhymes—and provides examples from historical newspapers.

What was “Ring-a-Round the Rosie” really all about? Eventually...

VTech Rhyme and Discover Flip Book Musical Nursery

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Konall Konall says:
Weird children book of twisted nursery rhymes?
I read this really weird twisted book as a child about twisted nursery rhymes, the drawing were kindda creepy and there was a bit of little red riding hood where she shot the wolf hahaha does any one know the name? might be british cus I lived in...
tiandron says:
Revolting Rhymes by Roald Dahl "Then Little Red Riding Hood said, " But Grandma, what a lovely great big furry coat you have on." "That's wrong!" cried Wolf. "Have you forgot To tell me what BIG...

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“And the next time we were in London,” Mrs. Opie said in a speech at the University of Sheffield in 1998, “the first thing we did was go to the public library and ask for a book about the histories of nursery rhymes. And the book we were given was

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“The first book I remember my mother reading to me was a collection of nursery rhymes. Humpty Dumpty. Old Mother Hubbard. Jack and Jill. Many others. The little mini-stories and words that rhymed were fun to me. The book, my mother at my side on the

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Iona Opie

Before long the couple were amassing a remarkable collection of nursery-rhyme books, children's literature and other ephemera relating to childhood and play. “We began to buy nursery-rhyme books because we were having to decide first of all what is a