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Microsoft Nook Bid Raises Questions About B&N | The Authors Guild

Reports that Microsoft is offering Barnes & Noble $1 billion for its Nook ebook business raises questions about the fate of the only remaining national chain bookseller and about the future of digital book selling.

Since TechCrunch broke the story last week, citing leaked internal documents, pundits have widely speculated that Microsoft is interested in acquiring Nook content,...

Nook Color e-book reader review from Consumer Reports

Is the Barnes & Noble Nook Color a tablet computer or an e-book reader? Consumer Reports takes a look at the new $250 Nook Color. Find out more about e-reade...

Whit(: Whit(: says:
Is there a way to rent Nook books?
I don't want to waste my money on a book I'm only going to read once, so is there any way I can rent a book on Nook instead of completely buying it?
TheTruth says:
Hi, Whit, Nook Simpletouch and Nook Color support checking out public library ebooks. here's what you need to make it work after you find a library and sign up: First you need to get Adobe Digital...

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BOOK NOOK: 'What a Husband!' by Mwangi Ruheni

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In 1929 the Soviet dictator Stalin began the process of what was known as the collectivization of agriculture in the Soviet Union. There was a lot of resistance to this effort especially in the breadbasket region of the Ukraine. Stalin was determined