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Magazine for children ages 9 to 11 years old. Includes information on...

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Europe's first cave artists were Neandertals, newly dated paintings ...

For once, the fractious scientists who study the Neandertals agree about something: that a study today in Science has dropped a bombshell on their field, by presenting the most persuasive case yet that our vanished cousins had the cognitive capacity to

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Why Jewish History Is So Hard to Write

Instead, the noteworthy events in Jewish history were expulsions, such as the ones that drove the Jews out of England, in 1290, and Spain, in 1492, or massacres, such as the ones that cost thousands of Jewish lives in the Rhineland during the Crusades

A Precarious Unity?

The soliloquy goes on for some time, and Waugh later regretted the melodramatic nature of the scene. The novel ends, of course, with Julia giving up her “adulterous” marriage to Charles and returning to the church, and with Charles's seemingly

Neanderthal artists made oldest-known cave paintings

Neanderthals painted caves in what is now Spain before their cousins, Homo sapiens, even arrived in Europe, according to research published today in Science. The finding suggests that the extinct hominids, once assumed to be intellectually inferior to