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Stands 2014: Classic Book Stand / Document Holder / Cookbook ...
Classic Book Stand / Document Holder / Cookbook / Music / Bible / Textbook / Dark Brown

  • Promotes good posture for better spinal health 1 YEAR WARRANTY if purchased in CollegeDay Bookstands Shopping Cart...
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Roubo Folding Bookstand

Andre Roubo Folding Bookstand made from a single piece of Walnut. Music by Joel Clarkson:

Amazing Me Amazing Me says:
music majors/minors: i think im going to minor (Though maybe major) in music.. but there are some problems?
1) i love metal, im going to try to keep this on the downlow cas its not really respected, i told the professor i wanted to compose full orchestra stuff for movies and all when i met with him (thats not a lie i really do.. i didnt lie just left...
agraz7777 says:
I LOVE rock music and metal music, and I'm majoring in commercial music (which is like a combination of music business, recording/production, and performance). You can be a metalhead and still...

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