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DVYXMQ | (Ꭾ) Black Aces Tactical Mossberg 500/590/590A1 ...
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  • Fits Mossberg 500 / 590 / 590A1 with extended magazine...
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awesomeness awesomeness says:
mossberg 500 question?
hello, i have been looking into getting a new shotgun. i have pretty much decided on a mossberg 500 pump 12ga. shotgun. however i am unsure as to which model i should get. at dunhams there is a model with a 24in.. rifled slug barrel and a 28in...
You can not add an extension tube to the Mossberg 500.... The Remington 870 can take an extra extension tube but not the 500.... Where the barrel screws on is also the magazine cap..... The only...

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Mossberg M590 Shockwave Review

In the typical home, entering doorways (a.k.a. “fatal funnels”) and “slicing the pie” with a 24" to 28"-barreled shotgun reduces maneuverability, escalates exposure and, at corners, increases the likelihood of the barrel being seized by an intruder

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I guess what might be called the “basic” model has a black synthetic stock and forend. Remington engineers designed the receiver with a magazine well that allows for quick mag changes. Magazines are built for three or six rounds, and they're rugged

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In the last couple of months, the shotgun world has been taken by surprise with Mossberg's introduction of the 590 Shockwave and on its heels Remington's response with the 870 Tac-14. Both have redefined what a personal defense shotgun can be. They are