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Mako M16 M4 Ar 15 Magazine Well Grip And Magwell Funnel

The Mako Magazine Well Grip and Magwell Funnel for M16/ M4/ AR-15 converts the magazine well into a comfortable vertical grip for better control of the weapon. The Magwell grip also allows a tight stance for speed and maneuverability. Converts the magazine well into a comfortable vertical gripAllows a tight stance for speed and maneuverabilityPrevents pressure on non-free-floating...
AR-15 Upgrade 4: Mako MWG Magazine Well Grip - S&W

Great little accessory for about $25. Fab Defense Mako Group MWG Magazine Well Grip. Fits great with no modification. Dramatically improves handling on firea...

Birchum Birchum says:
Glock grip/magazine extensions?
Is there a trick to getting the base off of the origianl magazine to apply the extension. I'm pushing the button in and trying to slide it off but it wont budge?
Josh says:
I had difficulty at first also. After much frustration, I finally figured it out. Using your punch tool push the button in as far as you can. You'll notice that it wants to start to go at an...


Gun Digest Book of Modern Gun Values
Gun Digest Book of Modern Gun Values
Published by Gun Digest Books 2011
ISBN 1440218331,9781440218330
712 pages
Modern Gun Values is a uniquely valuable guide to the world of modern firearms. (“Modern” firearms refers to those built from c. 1899 to present. Guns made before 1899 are considered antiques. The 1899 date roughly represents the end of the blackpowder era and the beginning of the smokeless powder era.) As prices of antique firearms have risen, putting them out of the reach of most collectors, attention has turned to more affordable guns of the 20th century, especially guns of the Baby Boom...
Guns for Personal Defense
Guns for Personal Defense
Published by Gun Digest Books 2011
ISBN 1440226733,9781440226731
160 pages
Personal protection is a hot topic today, and current, complete information on the handguns used for it is in great demand. This Gun Digest new release provides just that. Handgun enthusiasts or anyone looking to find out about handguns for personal defense will find everything they need to know in that pages of this comprehensive guide and reference. Readers will learn the basics of selection and use of handguns for personal defense. The book covers uses of revolvers, semi-automatic pistols,...
Guns Illustrated 2011
Guns Illustrated 2011
Published by Gun Digest Books 2010
ISBN 144021624X,9781440216244
320 pages
YOUR GO-TO GUIDE FOR GUNS, AMMO & GEAR Get the complete low-down on what's new in the shooting industry with Guns Illustrated 2011. Stuffed with photos and behind-the-scenes peeks at today's hottest guns and gear, Guns Illustrated 2011 is an economical guide to the latest and greatest guns, shooting supplies and accessories. Before you spend another dollar on guns or gear, arm yourself with the facts-with Guns Illustrated 2011! IT'S ALL HERE! Reports from the Field Handguns Rifles Shotguns...
Gun Digest Book of Semi-Auto Pistols
Gun Digest Book of Semi-Auto Pistols
Published by Gun Digest Books 2011
ISBN 1440226679,9781440226670
160 pages
No semi-auto shooter should be without the essential tips, techniques and advice features in this book! On of the newest members of the Gun Digest family of authoritative reference books, The Gun Digest Book of Semi-Auto Pistols contains information and entertaining articles by some of the nation's premiere semi-auto experts, including Dave Workman, Chris Christian, and Kevin Michalowski. From target models to personal protection guns, from rimfires to large-bore centerfires, The Gun Digest...
Gun Digest's Defensive Handgun Techniques Ready Position & Grip eShort
Gun Digest's Defensive Handgun Techniques Ready Position & Grip eShort
Published by Gun Digest Books 2012
ISBN 1440234450,9781440234453
In this excerpt from Defensive Handgun Skills, David Fessenden teaches the ready position, thumb over thumb grip, the IPSC thumbs forward grip, the AMW grip, and the aggressive modified weaver grip.

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At an exhibition in Minsk held by the Belarusian Military-Industrial Committee, the Goskomvoenprom or GKVP, a new rifle was unveiled. The unnamed rifle appears to blend features from both the AR and AK platforms. According to

Daniel Defense Introduces New AR Pistol

"This highly maneuverable pistol pairs a 10.3" barrel and the MFR 9.0 rail for fast handling, accuracy, and reliability," Daniel Defense officials said in an announcement. A variation of the DDM4V7 S, it features the SB Tactical SOB Pistol Stabilizing

Gun Review: Kel-Tec RFB The Big Bullpup

Have you ever looked at an AR-10 or an M14 and thought, I’d really like to put my face right on top of that chamber and pull the trigger? Well Kel-Tec has the answer. They’ve shrunk down the .308 into a compact package that safely and ...

Speck CandyShell Grip – Sweet Enough for the HTC One? [Review]

For a new phone like this, I wanted more than just basic protection, but I didn’t want a big boring box type of case. I have used Speck cases before, such as the SmartFlex card-holder case on my iPhone ... These rubber bumpers allow you ...

[SHOT 2018] Tactical Applications Group's Direct Action Grip

Specifically, an AR15 pistol grip that can be mounted to any weapon system that uses AR pistol grips (thus, not limiting this device to only AR15 platforms). By doing this, the company has essentially turned the switchology involved with ATPIAL devices

Daniel Defense AR

Never been shot Selling for $2000 with a few accessories, bi pod, forward grip with light and red lase and factory case Daniel Defense M4 Carbine, v1 Lightweig •Lower Receiver: Mil-Spec with Enhanced Flared Magazine Well and Rear Receiver QD Swivel ...

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