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West Wing Throws Holder Under the Bus « Commentary Magazine
Liberals and Democrats have been doing their best to stonewall calls for Attorney General Eric Holder’s resignation, but apparently some of those serving in the office of his boss aren’t as much in love with him as some of his defenders elsewhere. That’s the only way to interpret the astonishing quotes from West Wing officials [...] ">

Liberals and Democrats have been doing their...

How to Make a DIY Magazine Holder

The ampersand necklace I'm wearing is for sale at Blog post with more photos:

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Eric Holder and the NDRC Are Suing Scott Walker

“Governor Scott Walker's refusal to hold special elections is an affront to representative democracy,” declared Holder, who announced Monday that the National Redistricting Foundation, an affiliate of the NDRC group he heads, will file suit in the

Increase Your Freezer Storage Space With Magazine Holders (PHOTO)

Freezer storage ideas are as rare as well, having enough freezer space. That’s why we were super excited when we came across this lifehack on Reddit, which was originally featured on the blog "Aunt Peaches." Here, plastic magazine holders act ...

Targeting journalists: Backlash hits Holder, DOJ

SCOTT: Cover-up? Is that? JIM PINKERTON, THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE MAGAZINE: Well, I think Noah makes a good point that Holder is trying to do the clinch on them and bring them in. And so, for example, Ellen you made -- and Judy you may detect ...

Turn a Magazine Holder into a Corner Shelf

A simple change in perspective turns a magazine holder into a useful and decorative catch-all shelf for your keys, change, gadgets, receipts, and whatever else you like. You can also conveniently charge your cell phone or MP3 player if there's an outlet ...

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Icaro Circus acro/freestyle harness

The Circus is Icaro's new freestyle and acro harness, which was developed by Xandi Meschuh for “ambitious freestyle and acro pilots of all levels”. The company say it is simple and safe, strongly built from quality materials and tailored to meet the

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