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West Wing Throws Holder Under the Bus « Commentary Magazine
Liberals and Democrats have been doing their best to stonewall calls for Attorney General Eric Holder’s resignation, but apparently some of those serving in the office of his boss aren’t as much in love with him as some of his defenders elsewhere. That’s the only way to interpret the astonishing quotes from West Wing officials [...] ">

Liberals and Democrats have been doing their...

How to Make a DIY Magazine Holder

The ampersand necklace I'm wearing is for sale at Blog post with more photos:

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400 The Life: Organizational hacks for the new year

Find a place for a magazine holder in your cabinet and flip it on its side, with the opening facing outward. Insert water bottles, stacking on top of one another and to keep them from falling over or taking up unnecessary space. You can also decorate

7 tips to organize your kitchen from the queen of clean, Martha Stewart

1. Create an organizer using a radiator screen. The screens that make radiators a little easier to look at can have the same impact as a bulletin board. To create this look yourself, choose a cute brass cover and place it over a panel of linen-wrapped

I Am the Person Who Brings This $16 Bag Clip with Me to Restaurants

The question of where to stash my fancy handbag while eating in a restaurant has plagued me for years. I'm constantly finding myself in places where the chairs have those dreadful rounded backs, and I'm never going to be someone who puts my bag on the

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Trendmaker Homes President Announces Retirement

Will Holder, president of Trendmaker Homes, has announced that he will retire at the end of March after 25 years with the Houston-based home builder. Senior vice president Joe Mandola will succeed Holder as president on April 1st. Holder has worked in

Increase Your Freezer Storage Space With Magazine Holders (PHOTO)

Freezer storage ideas are as rare as well, having enough freezer space. That’s why we were super excited when we came across this lifehack on Reddit, which was originally featured on the blog "Aunt Peaches." Here, plastic magazine holders act ...

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