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“Life in Folders,” an article for Offscreen Magazine | Eating Elephant ...
The fine people at Offscreen Magazine asked me to write about something – anything – and I landed on the weird junction of computer memory vs. human memory. It’s about photography. It’s about information architecture. It’s about my faulty memory. It’s about organization, its place in our life, and why it matters.

It’s one of the things I’m most proud of, too, this short...

How To Make a Magazine Holder Out Of a Cereal Box

Watch more Paper Crafts videos: Subscribe to Howcast's YouTube Channel - Pack your magaz...

Jill Jill says:
do magazines who print out there magazines have online magazine samples for advertisers to look at...?
to get their business, as part of the media kit, or do they only mail out magazine samples. would advertisers like an easy online magazine sample to view? if anyone knows anything about this please let me know.
youngboy1606 says:
Our experience with people who request a magazine just need it to fill file space somewhere. We keep all of our articles online so people can reference the information. Most of the people we find...

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JP Devine: While She handles the money, I open jars and bottles

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“The information in the folders may have included patients' names, Medicaid numbers, healthcare provider names, dates of service, and limited treatment information. It is important to note these folders did not contain medical records. A single social

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Gather all the paper—bills, junk mail, magazines, invitations, and receipts—lying about your house. Decide what you want to keep (do you really need 14 half-read copies of the New Yorker?) and recycle what you don't. Then, by some inexpensive