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Clearing Up Confusion About Current Logbook Loans

There’s a lot of fuss about logbook loans lately. Some people feel that logbook loans are just a cheap way for companies to get your car without having to pay you a fair value for it. This couldn’t be further from the case. The reality is that logbook loans are very useful. If you are in dire need of financing and your car is pretty much all you have, why would you want to skip putting it...

Truckin 102 remedial log books

Very basics of log books & hours of service. LMAO still don't know if I spelled remedial correctly..and don't care.

mystina777 mystina777 says:
How do you fix water-logged books?
We have a few books kicking around that got wet and swelled up. Is there any way to fix that short of buying a new book?
markla6970 says:
here is something from Dartmouth. IWU in Bloomington had a sprinkler mishap and had to freeze dry their books. Wet Books--The Air Dry Method This procedure is appropriate for handling one or two...

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Butts County Jail logbook: May 23, 2018

The following names and charges appeared in the Butts County Jail logbook May 14-21: • Melissa Perez Adams, 37, on a charge of purchase, possession, manufacture, distribution or sale of marijuana. • Felicia Nicole Andrade, 25, bondsman off bond on a 

Call for insurance log book discounts

“This logbook is a brilliant idea. It would be very much in the insurance industry's interests,” Supt Comyns said. All other members of the JPC gave the idea their backing and chairman Frank O'Flynn offered to make contact with the insurance industry

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Affidavit outlines case against former Crandall police chief; alleges missing weapons, cash, and evidence log book

In addition to the firearms, records indicate cash and the evidence room log book were taken from the evidence room – the removal of which could “cripple” the department's ability to successfully prosecute cases for which evidence was held, according

Fond du Lac Attorney General Edward Bragg's record book found

Bragg worked on the log after returning from the Civil War, and the ledger begins in 1882 with Semina Newton Callaway. A portion of her original log cabin can be viewed as part of the collections at Galloway House & Village in Fond du Lac. When news of