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Picture Book Storytime Theater Presents: Little Black Sambo by Helen Bannerman Summary: A public domain story about a young boy and his encounter with tigers...

thatartistwin thatartistwin says:
Do people actually think of the childrens book LITTLE BLACK SAMBO as racist?
I remember the book as a kid and thought of it as an inspriational book that was entertaining. How do things become so out of proportion? To this day I wish I had a copy because it brings back memories of being a kid and thinking I could overcome...
iPodlord says:
It was thought to be racist! It was a banned book - because he was BLACK sambo... I loved it as a kid personally. I couldn't tell the difference... It's not considered racist anymore though - but...

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Apu makes you laugh, but such stereotypes do harm

When Teachers Against Racism protested in 1972 against Helen Bannerman's 1899 children's book The Story of Little Black Sambo, the publisher, Ian Parsons, replied that their letter filled him with “amazement, mingled with despair”. Could it be true, 

The Problem With 'Problematic'

One hesitates to put such books into the hands of young readers without cautionary guidance. Not long ago, my granddaughter found, in the attic, a deck of tiny picture cards illustrating the adventures of the Spanish-language version of Little Black Sambo.

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The Troubling History of Sambo's Pancake House

The paintings that adorned Sambo's Pancake House were a retelling of the hugely popular children's book Little Black Sambo. Written by Helen Bannermen, a Scottish woman living in India, it was published in America in 1900. According to author Phyllis J.

For the First Time, Central Park Will Honor Real-Life Women

“Think of Patrick and Sambo and Hans and Yung Tung, who do not know the difference between a monarchy and a republic, who cannot read the Declaration of Independence or Webster's spelling book, making laws for … Susan B. Anthony,” she said at the