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One of the numerous functions of displays and racks would be that it can be useful for keeping your workplace or store arranged and clean. When your leaflets and flyers are spread all around you, you can easily imagine that visitors isn’t going to like it and leave. These desktop display or literature racks are not only seen good utility solutions, additionally they improve the look and...

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Find out more A mobile literature rack allows you to showcase your literature on the...

Y!Bother Y!Bother says:
Calling all gaited people again: what is the breeding distinction between TWH and Racking Horse?
I've done plenty of research and am not just looking for wikipedia links and the standard literature on the Racking Horse, but for hopefully some personal knowledge from being exposed to or involved with the breed. 1. What is the breeding...
1crossmare says:
Yes, they are different. The Racking Horse was derived from the TWH, however in the early 70's they branched off to create a similar, but separate breed, driven by the fact that at the time, there...

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Baptists share Christ during Olympics in South Korea

On an uncharacteristically warm day during the Winter Olympics, visitors to the train station were greeted by a number of different religious groups. The Mormons wore yellow vests. The Jehovah's Witnesses had their literature racks set up. Methodist

Mobile native's novel stirs courage and reflection

It's not often the view through a single window offers so many vistas at once. However, that's what author Colleen D. Scott has given readers in her debut effort. The Mobile native spent most of her adulthood balancing the corporate world with

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The art of the big lie: the history of fake news

Just think of how Donald Trump countered the accusation that he was spreading “fake news” by making the term his own – turning the charge on his accusers, and even claiming he'd coined it. Post-truth describes a new abandonment of the very idea of

The GI Resistance Continues: Vietnam Vets Return to My Lai, Where US Slaughtered 500 Civilians

And it's called a fragging because a common tool of a murder of an officer would be to throw a grenade under his rack, and so—a fragmentation grenade. So, whether they would shoot the man in a—during a battle or shoot him in the middle of the night