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One of the numerous functions of displays and racks would be that it can be useful for keeping your workplace or store arranged and clean. When your leaflets and flyers are spread all around you, you can easily imagine that visitors isn’t going to like it and leave. These desktop display or literature racks are not only seen good utility solutions, additionally they improve the look and...

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Find out more A mobile literature rack allows you to showcase your literature on the...

Y!Bother Y!Bother says:
Calling all gaited people again: what is the breeding distinction between TWH and Racking Horse?
I've done plenty of research and am not just looking for wikipedia links and the standard literature on the Racking Horse, but for hopefully some personal knowledge from being exposed to or involved with the breed. 1. What is the breeding...
1crossmare says:
Yes, they are different. The Racking Horse was derived from the TWH, however in the early 70's they branched off to create a similar, but separate breed, driven by the fact that at the time, there...

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Free Store offers place benefit to the community

Rebecca Babcock, the William and Ordelle Watts professor and chair of Literature and Languages, said the store has been in the same space for about four years. The Student Cooperative Club minds the store and keeps things tidy, she added. Babcock said

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'Saint Jude, Stay with Me': A True Baseball Story

For many churchgoing Catholics today, Saint Jude is familiar as the subject of homemade novena leaflets that they sometimes find in pews or literature racks in the vestibule: Say this prayer to Saint Jude daily for the prescribed period (typically

Sysco racks up 79 violations over union vote in West Michigan facilities

"No one claimed, for example, that attendance at union meetings dropped, that the volume of union literature in the plant decreased, or that other expressions of support for the Union decreased," Sysco attorneys claimed in the document. The company 

Book Of 'New Rules' Flows With Tippling Tips To Demystify Wine

Just in time to worry about all the guests who will descend upon your house for the holidays — or perhaps all the wine you'll want to drink to avoid them — a new book aims to help you soothe your stress while still enjoying wine to the fullest. Wine