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This brochure holder is only available for purchase in case packs of 100 units to keep price points low. The cardboard leaflet dispenser is designed to accommodate 4"w x 9"h advertisements, the traditional size for pamphlets. This brochure holder is shipped flat, but takes only a few moments to fold into position. The corrugated countertop pamphlet rack is designed for temporary promotional...

Safco Wood Corrugated Literature Organizer

Almost too E-Z! Effortless organizing at your fingertips will be a great addition to any mail room, office, school or store. Use compartments as a mailbox, m...

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Iowa City remains UNESCO, despite US withdrawal

Iowa City, a World City of Literature destination, one organizer said. The U.N. Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization named Iowa City a “City of Literature” in 2008. Iowa City was the third city in the world recognized as such, and it

35 DIY Container Ideas to Completely Declutter Your Home

Ever feel like you're in a heavy downpour of clutter? When the 'stuff' build-up reaches a dangerously high level, rein in your panic and bring out your creative side, with these life-saving DIY containers. Get ready to coral your porch clutter, banish

A campus in mourning

On Friday morning during UM's Welcome Feast, 11 students dressed in black paraded to the parking lot behind the University Center to unload homemade cardboard gravestones from the back of a Volvo. They carried a megaphone, books to use as weights to

The Myth of “Populism”

It was a crisis moment for Europe: just weeks earlier, anti-austerity insurrections had broken out in Greece and Spain, while in Italy an elected government had been replaced by a set of cardboard technocrats dispatched by Brussels. In his conversation