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StephanieM StephanieM says:
what is contemporary literature?
what is contemporary literature? please help!
Eden* says:
Richard Freeman, an Oxford graduate and media arts organizer, says the following: "This is a difficult question to answer. I think that, generally, 'contemporary' literature covers anything...

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Delmarva Today: Writer's Edition #59

Harold Wilson's guests on today's Delmarva Today: Writer's Edition focus on children's literature and features the June 16 Chesapeake Children's Book Festival in Easton, MD. Host Harold Wilson's guests are Tim Young, organizer of the festival and

doesn't have a Wikipedia page, do they exist?

“It is massively important because it's the first thing that people go to,” organizer Kyle Lucia Wu told . “I think especially in New York we have all these resources and all these places On a cloudy Saturday afternoon, about two dozen

Disaster in Pursuit of 'Supreme Happiness'

The son of a leftist labor organizer, young Nicolas was sent to Cuba in 1986 to study Fidelista-style communist revolution under one of Castro's most favored comandantes, Pedro Miret. Then Maduro was sent home as a “mole” to infiltrate Venezuelan

Authors, readers rally for Get Lit at the Beach

Though Ryan passed away in 2014, organizer Tracy Abel said she “continues to be a guiding spirit of the current event. His novel “The Sky Fisherman” was the first book chosen by Seaside High School students for their Coastal Literature Program