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StephanieM StephanieM says:
what is contemporary literature?
what is contemporary literature? please help!
Eden* says:
Richard Freeman, an Oxford graduate and media arts organizer, says the following: "This is a difficult question to answer. I think that, generally, 'contemporary' literature covers anything...

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Norma Elia Cantú has worn many hats over the course of her career. She is adding another next month when she comes to UCSB to receive the campus's 14th annual Luis Leal Award for Distinction in Chicano/Latino Literature. The award will be presented 

English honor society hosts regional undergraduate literature conference

Organizers of a regional undergraduate literature conference held at Shepherd University on Nov. 4 included, from left, Brianna Maguire, Paw Paw, W.Va.; Gabrielle Hersey, Delray, W.Va.; Kylie Krummel, Fishers, Ind.; and Heidi Hanranhan, associate 

Christmas cookies for communism at Ohio University

This will be a good way to recruit and raise money for the club while handing out literature written by Rick Nagin, the Ohio district organizer. We are officially recognized as a student organization under the “code name” of “Club Frida Kahlo: Marxists

Mumbai Lays Out Red Carpet for Literature Aficionados

When I see a list of participants like ours, I wish sometimes that I wasn`t an organizer, but part of the audience, eagerly queuing up for a place inside. You might, of course, say I am lucky that I can just walk in into any session, but I can`t