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Nomadic: Three Ways to Display Tablets and Literature | TradeShow ...

Are you looking for creative and practical methods for displaying tablets and literature in your display? Here are three methods for displaying your information that will enhance any display set up.

RollOne Premium Counter Top

Compatible with all iPad generations, exhibitors will enjoy the convenience of having a secure way to use their iPad with their RollOne Counter...

Aspire Brochure Rack

The Aspire Single Brochure Rack combines strength and style in a literature holder that's unique in design and functional in form. Six display shelves presen...

lemmefinout lemmefinout says:
literature (magazine) holder?
I am looking for a glass and steel (aluminum) literature (magazine) holder, please help... thanks
Jellyhead says:
I didn't see any with glass but a good place to look would be they have a large selection. Hope you find what you're looking for.

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