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[Party Pix] inside Capitol File's WHCD After Party at the Carnegie ...
After POTUS shocked all with a veiled reference to college marijuana use (“I remember when Buzzfeed was just something I did in college around 2 AM”) and after he made them chuckle with a little dig on his age, etc. (“I’m not the strapping young muslim socialist I used to be”)… then after Conan gave up on his own giggles… and THEN after everyone fought the crowds and traffic, there were the...
AutoCAD Tip -- Perspectives on the ViewCube (Lynn

AutoCAD 2009, and other upcoming Autodesk solutions, include the ViewCube, a tool to help you quickly navigate to different views of your model in 3D workspa...

trish trish says:
Where can I find prices from the 1960's on common goods and services?
daveduncan40 says:
Some libraries have old magazines on file. Those have advertising that includes prices.

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Dick Leitsch's Guide to Seventies Gay Slang

Dick Leitsch, an early gay-rights activist, who is now in his eighties, arranged to donate his old working files to the archives of the New York Public Library. The decision was prompted by a diagnosis of terminal cancer. “Because I'm dying, everybody

How Can It Take 15 Years and $32 Million to Build a Neighborhood Library?

Today's libraries have also evolved into complex institutions compressed into small spaces, making their design needs equally intricate. They must negotiate between digital information and the printed word, cope with the homeless, teach chess, host

Sarah Jessica Parker Helps Dolce & Gabbana Bring Luxe to the Library

At 7:50 P.M., harried staffers were still bustling around, positioning jewels on Picasso-esque busts commissioned from the American artist Nick Georgiou, whose medium—appropriately or not, given the location—is repurposed books. The library had been

tape library

A tape autoloader typically consists of a tape drive, a tape magazine and a robotic arm that moves tapes between the drive and the magazine. The bigger has multiple drives, and the robotic tape loader can access all of them, improving