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rihiane: reviews LEVO Hands Free Book Stand for Hard Covers ...
Amazon: Customer Reviews: LEVO Hands Free Book Stand for Hard 5 stars. "Laziness, or full concentration?" It's amazing what you can find out there, to make your life more convenient, to help you immerse yourself in activities

We designed the Levo book holder to eliminate tired arms, kinked necks, and sore hands. It allows you to read in ultimate comfort from virtually any location. Add an...

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LEVO Book Holder | eBook Holder | iPad Stand

The best book holder and book stand that also falls under Kindle accessories, eBook accessories, and iPad accessories. Visit BOOKHOLDER.COM for more.

ed g ed g says:
Anyone recommend a good book holder?
Can anyone recommend a good book holder? I've seen the LEVO BookHolder ad online and I'd like to get something like that, but maybe not spend so much money. I'd like one which can be used in bed or in a recliner. I like the setup on the stand on...
LittleDoe says:
You may have already looked at this site, but check out Also see and Also, try searching...

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