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March 19, 2013

Sometimes life is like bookends. Beginnings and ends have a striking similarity, a sense of synchronicity not related to nostalgia, but actual events that mirror one another.

My first Letters from Haifa, chronicled our new world, as we arrived for our six month sabbatical and Ben and Adi met us at Ben Gurion airport after a ten hour flight from New York City....

Henry's Letter ~ The Time Traveler's Wife

I realise it may seem a little premature to be making videos while the film is still in the cinema, but I couldn't help but try to force a bit of the book's ...

Proof read?! please letter formats?
can someone please proof read. Please make corrections in (parenthesis) ty! Dear unknown, How unbalance is love when you see it from two people in a relationship? Should I be in a relationship with my old initial love or my newly found love?...
Dear unknown, How unbalance(d) is love when you see it from (the perspective of) two people in a relationship? Should I be in a relationship with my old initial love(,) or my newly found love?...

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