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Lumio LED book-light bulldozes through Kickstarter target - Gizmag

Writing on the Kickstarter page, designer Max Gunawan reveals that the concept originated not as a lamp, but as a modular home. Gunawan's folding design would allow the home to be transported in a small car. Lacking the funds to build working prototypes, he decided to scale down the idea.

It seems that most of the details we reported first time round still stand, though Gunawan...

LightWedge LED Book Light

Item is discontinued. View more awesome at The LightWedge LED Book Light enables nighttime reading without disturbing anyo...

Reddish Reddish says:
LED book light .. LightWedge panel or Mighty Bright clip-on light?
I am thinking to give my boyfriend a Led book light for Xmas as he Loves reading everywhere and he's been talking about it for some time now. I am indecise between 1) the traditional Mighty Bright Led clip-on light 2) the LightWedge Led book...
The LightWedge LED is a great booklight if your boyfriend is a true book lover. It comes in 2 sizes (original and paperback) and is lightweight and travels easily. There is also a LightWedge 2.0...

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