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Seven Underrated Uses For Rustico Products- Rustico Leather

Rustico Leather products have the artisan crafted look of rustic, modern leather goods but with the rugged durability characterized by the label “made in the U.S.A.” The company started by producing simple, high quality leather journals, but the company’s product line steadily extended to other leather goods due to its initial successes. Each of the Rustico products are uniquely stylish and...

Creating Hand Bound Leather Wedding

This is the first part in a series where I am going to hand bind a leatherbound Wedding Album, Guest Book and Slipcase. In Part 1, I describe the materials a...

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Meet Liverpool's book artist

For instance, she says a nice rugged, brown leather seems to go well with a quote from Charles Dickens or Thoreau, while a more 'refined' tan or burgundy leather fits a Jane Austen or Bronte quote. Inspirational quotes are often used on the title pages

A designer's advice on bookshelves, botanicals and more

Repeat this and flip which side you turn the books, etc. Add in a couple of objects or frames on top of the side stack just to break it up. Q: Any recommendations for a small, good-quality sleeper sofa? A: The most comfortable sleeper sofa I have

Artist Silvia Prada Fêtes Tom of Finland-Inspired Book in New York

But that carefree spirit of yesteryear was very much present among the mostly leather-clad crowd who danced along to DJ Amber Valentine's mix of disco tracks. Model Paige Reifler, who was hit by the flu throughout most of New York Fashion Week, was

Dave Eggers' Latest Book Looks at One Man's Dangerous Quest for a Decent Cup of Coffee

In the truck,” the man in the leather jacket said. Mokhtar didn't see any room in the truck bed, so he moved toward the passenger seat of the cab. Everything had seemed so friendly until then that sitting in the passenger seat seemed most logical, most

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