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The post in which I accidentally write about skeuomorphism, sort of ...

If you know the actual me, you know that I've been on (what feels like) a perpetual rant about how my feed reader has been overtaken by the flat design vs. skeuomorphism non-debate debate.

I too hate the leather bound appointment book and calendar on my Mac. I wouldn't even buy paper calendars or appointment books that look like that crap. Thanks, Apple, for thinking I'm a...

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Teaser - Shenanigans Ep. 3

Shenanigans Episode 3 is coming on May 20th 2013. As you can probably tell, it is going to be weird wacky and exciting. May, 20th. Put the date in your leath...

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Value Added: A business bound by craftsmanship and the bottom line

The company still has an office in D.C., which can be accessed only by appointment ... well as customizing new books with inscriptions, covers and jackets. Think of taking a “Harry Potter” set and covering it in snappy leather and engraving your ...

A road map to shopping like a royal |

The British Royal Family has long been a source of public fascination, captivating mere mortals in Britain and beyond with a passion for all things Windsor.

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An ancient sect, a brazen theft and the hunt to bring the stolen manuscripts home

The other was a codex, a thick book, probably from the 15th century and bound in a maroon leather cover. The thief or thieves snatched the manuscripts, .. Benny was in Jerusalem that day for an appointment. An auction house had bought a pile of 18th

A very Royal appointment: the Prince of Wales visits his tailor

Following a tradition that goes back to the founding of the company 106 years ago, a new customer at Anderson & Sheppard will choose his fabric, and then be measured by a cutter, who will enter the details in the Measure Book, a series of leather-bound ...

Britain’s Class Divide: Can Oxbridge Solve Its Privilege Problem?

In a study decorated with leather-bound books and busts of ancient Greek scholars ... In February 2012, Liberal Democrats in the U.K. coalition government pushed through the appointment of a new head of the independent public body charged ...

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