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1 x A - Z Leather Index Address Book - Large

1 x A - Z Leather Index Address Book - Large reviews, specs and best price. Finding for 1 x A - Z Leather Index Address Book - Large ? We have found the best price with full reviews and specification. One place where you can get these product is through shopping on online stores. Then you will not be...

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dvd_digitaltech dvd_digitaltech says:
What is a better e-book reader, Amazon Kindle 3 (Latest Generation) or BeBook Neo?
I'm currently thinking on what e-book reader is best for me sine I live outside the U.S. and some e-book readers are only available within the U.S. (such as Nook). As of now, I see a good deal with Amazon Kindle 3 mainly because it is much...
John W says:
Amazon dropped the Kindle 3 price from $259 to $139 WiFi only and $189 3g version in order to prevent Border's debut of the $149 Canadian Kobo from making a splash as it did in Canada and in...

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It Is Time To Renegotiate Our Union

Having established the fact that I am ready to follow God's leading in the service of my nation, let me reiterate that what Nigeria needs now is not another election but a return to the drawing board to renegotiate our union. You will recall that, in

Let's Talk About Men and Their Tote Bags

Your wallet! Your keys! Your address book!”) Now, the man bag is no longer a novelty: Also known as a “murse,” it's worn under the arms and across the chest, in forms ranging from satchels to messenger bags. Proponents have included a buff David

The Mysterious Case of White Film on Old Books

Our staff searched online and through journal articles for information on leather spue or spew, a dressing or other treatment leaching out of leather book covers or leather artifacts. Spue is sometimes described as “fatty” or “waxy.” Although this did

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Matthew Cohen for Reader's Digest

That was before Address 3 signaled her move to a nursing home and the end of life as we knew it. There are no active entries for friends I knew from my old life in Vancouver; it's inevitable someone will be the last “man” standing, I guess. Ours was