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Amazon Kindle Book: 21 Fun Rainy Activities For Kids only $2.99!

Kati and Melisha share a passion for ministering to people and teaching them how to use coupons to stretch their budgets. Both of their families went through tough times and tight budgets forcing them to find a way to help make ends meet. The impact of couponing and the money they saved was too good to keep to themselves.

Through, Kati and Melisha pass along...

Library eBooks for Amazon® Kindle

Learn how to browse, checkout and get library eBooks on Amazon® Kindle. This video is for demonstration purposes only. The website process may vary slightly ...

Khal Khal says:
Kindle vs. real books?
I've been purchasing more and more books lately, so it's getting pretty expensive. I read fairly slow, so the library isn't much of an option. I really prefer buying books. I saw the kindle they sell on Amazon and I was wondering if buying a...
Asldkfhajsdh says:
Kindle books are cheaper (the price range of books vary, some can be $10 and some are even free!) I think that if you buy a lot of books, a kindle is definitely worth it, since you will be paying...

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Is the E-Reader Dead?

After 10 years of uncertainty, it seems that we finally live in a world where readers of both print and digital books can live in peace with each other. Neither one is going away anytime soon. And yet, there may be a tragic undercurrent to this

I would replace my Kindle Voyage with a Kindle Voyage / Boing Boing

I mistakenly left my e-reader, a Kindle Voyage behind, in a hotel room last weekend. Faced with with the fear of having lost my most favored device, I pondered its replacement. I've posted about my Kindle Voyage before. Reading via an e-reader is one

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Why I Love My Kindle

I was a confirmed Luddite in my 20s. Late to social media, I refused to own a mobile phone, and when was writing the 2009 version of my debut novel, I wasn't connected to the Internet. My room in forensic supported accommodation must've been filled

Cleaning Out the Kindle Library

Q. How do you delete Kindle books you have finished on an iPad? A. When you have completed an e-book and are ready to remove it from your iPad, open the iOS Kindle app and go to your library screen that displays your collection. Tap the Downloaded