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The evolution of my book case | WriterMom's Blog

The very first piece of furniture I ever bought for myself was an oak bookcase. I was still living at home, working part-time in a department store. It was a large purchase in my life and to me was kind of symbolic. Buying furniture meant I was a grown up.

When I moved out of my parents home into my first apartment the bookcase had a place of honor in my living room. It held all my...

Make a book shelf for children's rooms

This video shows how to make a bookshelf. It's made for the end of a bed and low to the ground so it's safe for children. This is a way to organize books wit...

~GRIN~ And School Tomorrow ~GRIN~ And School Tomorrow says:
What do you do when you have too many books to read?
I have like 7 books in my bookcase that I still didn't finish, but I want to read them. I can't find enough time, though. What do you do when you've got too many books to read, and people keep buying you more?
Steven J Pemberton says:
You lucky thing... nobody ever bought me books when I was a kid, except for birthdays and Christmas. Though my dad was a librarian, so I was never short of things to read. Maybe you could ask these...

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How to ensure your children love books

A recent New York Times article headlined “How to Raise a Reader” by Pamela Paul and Marcia Russo offers easy and practical tips on how you can make sure your young children grow up loving to read by keeping new books coming in — and going out 

'The Middle' series finale recap: Tears, laughs, and one last road trip

And a pitch-perfect one at that: Youngest child Brick reprised a beloved speech quirk, repeating a phrase – in this case, “the middle” – under his breath as the Heck family drove into sitcom history at the end of Tuesday's sweet, funny and emotional

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Amazon Now Offers A Kids' Book Subscription Box

Summer is almost here, but that doesn't mean it's time for children to stop learning. As many parents know, kids can become bored quickly, and can even lose some of the skills they gained throughout the year. One way to keep their minds sharp all

Amazon's new 'Prime Book Box' subscription: 2-4 hardcover kids' books every 1-3 months, $23/box

Amazon isn't the first to try this. For example, a service called Kids BookCase runs $10/month, and Reading Bug Box starts at $18/month to $45/month depending on the number of books included. With more than 100 million Prime members, the Seattle-based