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The evolution of my book case | WriterMom's Blog

The very first piece of furniture I ever bought for myself was an oak bookcase. I was still living at home, working part-time in a department store. It was a large purchase in my life and to me was kind of symbolic. Buying furniture meant I was a grown up.

When I moved out of my parents home into my first apartment the bookcase had a place of honor in my living room. It held all my...

Make a book shelf for children's rooms

This video shows how to make a bookshelf. It's made for the end of a bed and low to the ground so it's safe for children. This is a way to organize books wit...

~GRIN~ And School Tomorrow ~GRIN~ And School Tomorrow says:
What do you do when you have too many books to read?
I have like 7 books in my bookcase that I still didn't finish, but I want to read them. I can't find enough time, though. What do you do when you've got too many books to read, and people keep buying you more?
Steven J Pemberton says:
You lucky thing... nobody ever bought me books when I was a kid, except for birthdays and Christmas. Though my dad was a librarian, so I was never short of things to read. Maybe you could ask these...

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