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How to Format an eBook for Kindle - Freelance Switch

Planning to write an ebook? Good job! Ebooks are a fantastic way for freelancers to demonstrate their expertise. They’re also good lead generators, as people who read your ebook are likely to need your services.

Ask me the easiest way to write and format an ebook, and I’ll point you to Scrivener . Scrivener makes everything easy, from composing a draft, to giving your book a...

Amazon's Kindle e-book reader

An explanation of Amazon's Kindle e-book reader and some of its features. Includes footage of the device.

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In a new partnership between Wal-Mart Stores and Rakuten Kobo Inc., Walmart will begin selling eBooks and audiobooks, as well as offering Rakuten Kobo eReaders, in Walmart stores and online at in the United States starting later this year

On Christmas Eve, A Stolen Bicycle And A Lesson In Giving

And that Christmas, I don't even remember what gift I got, but I do know that made me feel better than any Christmas I've ever had." Audio produced for Morning Edition by Jud Esty-Kendall. StoryCorps is a national nonprofit that gives people the chance

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Popular UNM class inspiration for 'First of their kind' books on Curanderismo

This summer, the start of the 17th annual Traditional Medicine without Borders: Curanderismo in the Southwest and Mexico class, coincides with the release of a new supplemental textbook and photobook on the subject, deeply rooted in the teachings and

'Midnight Arcade' book brings Play-Your-Way stories back from the 80s

As the avatar character enters the dilapidated mall, sneaking through the absolute darkness, you are attracted to the only illuminated area in the place by the “unmistakable electronic bleeping and blooping sounds of … video games.” While you look