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EXCLUSIVE: Concept Art and Designs from Disney's 'The Jungle ...

Pictured above: Storyboard concepts for The Jungle Book's lost character, Rocky the Rhino. Developed by Walt Disney himself, and considered a key character in The Jungle Book, Rocky never made it to the silver screen.

Cinematical was lucky enough to get a hold of these exclusive, unreleased images (with regards to Rocky the Rhino) from the...

Source: Cinematical
Opening to The Jungle Book: 40th Anniversary Edition

NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED!!! Requested by Aleck Erickson. Here's the order: 1. WDHE logo (Blue BG, 2002-08) 2. Disney FastPlay Menu 3. Enchanted (20...

Jungle Book is out on DVD on October 2nd (another limited release)?
I really remember enjoying it as a kid and have preordered it. Will you be buying it if you don't have the DVD from last time it was released? Will you be buying it even if you have the DVD from last time?
chancellor says:
I collect Disney, and I didn’t pick up Jungle Book last time. I followed the amazon link you put in the discussion section, and I am surprised that Amazon has it at such a good price. Disney DVDs...

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Motion capture process becomes less mysterious at NY Comic Con ...

As Weta Digital showcased their motion capture technology at New York Comic Con, fans got a taste of what it's like to be 'Planet of the Apes' star, Andy Serkis.

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Survivor - Now Out: Blu-rays For 'Season 27: Blood vs Water' and 'Season 28: Cagayan

Audiences quickly learn that "not only does being 'book smart' not matter in the jungle, but having looks and being buff actually do help" ( "SURVIVOR: CAGAYAN" introduced the But now CBS DVD has put out, through Amazon's

Getting Goofy: Disney alum brings an old friend to Lincoln | GO ...

"The Goofy Movie," Kevin Lima's 1995 Disney directing debut, is being world-premiered this weekend at the second Lincoln Film Festival in Lincoln in a freshly 

The Pirates of Blood River (Blu-ray)

The picture is book-ended with what for the time were pretty gruesome death-by-piranha scenes, its victims screaming and swallowed up in a pool of their own blood. There are also endless murders and threats of rape, underscoring the hypocrisy of the